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Coastal Cart Tops

Customized Fabric Tops

These special golf carts are one of a kind and completely customizable! You won't get them anywhere else in the

Houston area. We are the exclusive dealers.

These carts can be colored with 100 different powder coat colors. Cart tops are manufactured with American Aluminum and tops can also be completely personalized to your ride. We offer 30 different Bimini fabric top colors to mix and match. 

There are many accessories that we can attach for your convenience! Including Cup Holders, Storage Trays, Fishing Pole Holders, Ice Chest Holders, Surf Board and Kayak racks, Receiver Hitch, Windshields, and more.

Call us for more details at 409-996-6189!

CoastalCarts3 copy.png

Galveston Golf Carts now has Coastal Cart Tops!

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