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About Us

I’ve always been busy.  I can’t handle sitting around, so I knew a desk job wasn’t for me.  Among other things, I’ve built homes and run a restaurant. One night I was driving around Kemah, Texas, a little entertainment district halfway between Houston and Galveston, in my personal golf cart when a few tourists asked me for a ride.  Five minutes and $20 later, a business was born… golf cart taxis!

From there, I grew it into a golf cart rental business in the same small area, and my teenage son Chandler became a part of it. 

One day in the fall of 2018, a client who had rented a cart blew out a tire.  He was all the way down on Galveston Island, on 24th Street and Strand.  When I arrived, it was a sunny, beautiful Saturday afternoon, and there were thousands of tourists walking around… and not another golf cart in sight! 

It hit me.  This is where we need to be!

Who doesn’t want to live in the sunshine, where the water meets the land?!

When I returned home, I told Chandler, “We’re moving to Galveston!”

He was a teenager, so his response was a garbled mess of a shrug, a mumble, and an “Okay!” 

By January we started construction on our first location at 4102 Seawall Boulevard, and before we finished, we’d signed a lease on our main location at 1919 Strand. We worked day and night, renovating the stores as well as building golf carts that are suitable for rental.

We opened on Mardi Gras weekend and, on the first day, rented out every golf cart we had!

Our business, our clients, and our Galveston neighbors have been great ever since!


Chad and Chandler Jones

Owner, Galveston Golf Carts

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